The planet, our home

Every day, we engage in initiatives and activities that embrace the principles of the circular economy. In this perspective, we have defined our environmental management system aimed to respect the planet and strengthen the awareness and responsibility of the people working in the company.

We know that we are guests on this planet. Respecting it, taking care of it, and loving it. We believe, is the best way to pay the rent for our stay.
How? By minimizing and periodically assessing environmental risks to prevent incidents and emergency situations that could also involve our employees.
We check every measurable aspect of our work. This approach allows us to reduce energy consumption and optimize our environmental performance based on scientific data.
We prevent production waste, in processes where is possible. In cases where waste is unavoidable, we manage and treat it with a specialized system that enables us to reuse materials.
All our packaging is recycled and recyclable, ensuring a continuous life cycle that sustains itself.
By the first half of 2024, we will install a photovoltaic system that will further reduce our Product Carbon Footprint.

Recyclability and certified quality

In our playground we do not contemplate normal results. We set high standards of results. In this way, we work to create only products of the highest quality.


Patented recyclable heat transfer

We look into the future to understand how to impact on the present. This philosophy has led us to years of research and developments to patent our unique heat transfer all around the world: RECYS is the first fully recyclable.
Meticolous quality drives our work. For this reason, we have subjected the product to cycles of chemical tests and laboratory measurements: all successfully passed, as demonstrated by the certifications obtained.

Recyclable yes; high-performing, too. RECYS can be applied to polyester fabrics, making them fully recyclable while ensuring the highest technical qualities required by brands.