RECYS is the World’s first fully recyclable heat transfer.

It can be applied to polyester fabrics, allowing these to be completely recyclable.
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The revolution of textile customization is here

RECYS is born to reduce waste and enable a continuous life cycle for fabrics. Discover its features and get ready to live the revolution in the world of textile customization.
Much of the complexity lies in the materials they are made of. Combinations of fibers and accessories made from blends of natural and synthetic yarns, plastics, and metals.

For instance, a 100% polyester shirt contains components like labels and stitches, which are typically made of a different material. With RECYS, we are reversing the market trend.
A new vision is charting the course of our industry. The entire supply chain is being called upon to identify materials and processes with a lower environmental impact.

In this perspective, every element that makes up a garment must be produced following the values of eco-design. This new world is the ideal habitat for RECYS.
We have been operating in the industry for over four decades alongside the world’s biggest brands. We deeply understand the quality and performance requirements sought in a transfer.

That’s why RECYS adheres to the highest performance parameters required.

Recyclability and certified quality

In our playground we do not contemplate normal results. We set high standards of results. In this way, we work to create only products of the highest quality.

In respect of the Earth

All our work is guided by compliance with environmental regulations and the desire to be good guests of the planet
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