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Thanks to 45 years of experience in the world of heat transfer, Stilscreen is able to meet the needs of customers of different fields.

Founded in 1977, Stilscreen has been developing its business starting from the workwear sector to the sportswear, especially in cycling and in football. This was not a destination but rather a starting point from which the company has the willing to keep on strengthening and creating heat transfer suitable for the need of other industries such as fashion and automotive.

With innovative and original technologies, the company has been producing heat transfer for many important brands in the fashion world, dedicating its expertise in the service of refined and valued projects.

A bond between Stilscreen and fashion that carries on with outstanding results.

To the same extent, the cooperation with the automotive industry is lasting and productive and boasts partnerships with respected and famous car manufacturers, thanks to the unique skill of Stilscreen to create customised transfers which are matching customers’ demands.